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Today’s office view

January 16, 2017

We’ve had loads of snow here over the last few days in Shiga.  Today’s office view.dtj_5770


Omimaiko summer fireworks

July 26, 2016

It was the Omimaiko fireworks at the weekend, Lake Biwa, Shiga. Love the summer.


Omimaiko Fireworks, Shiga, Japan

Nagahama, raw beef, craft beer and architecture

July 14, 2016

Some pics from a private tour visiting Nagahama situated on the south side of Lake Biwa, not far from the castle town of Hikone (not to be mistaken for Hakone!).  For me, I associate Nagahama with some excellent craft beer, IPA in particular.  There is also a nice historical area with atmospheric old Edo and Meiji era buildings. It’s off the beaten track in regards to foreign visitors, but definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the area and want to drink some yummy beer with Omi-gyu sashimi beef as a side dish!

The morning view

March 1, 2016

Welcomed to this view this morning and it’s been snowing all day. Snowball fights booked for this afternoon!DTJ_0928

Metasequoia, Dawn Redwood

December 18, 2015

Just as the snow begins and we dig in for winter we can say sayonara to the glorious days of autumn. See you next year!