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March 9, 2017

Sorry, it’s a pretty terrible photo but I caught this beast on my phone a few days ago running along a water irrigation channel between paddy fields while on a stroll.


I wasn’t sure what it was, it was like a giant rat, probably over 60 cm (dwarfing even the biggest monster rats in Osaka) but also resembled something like an otter, it was also beaverish.  I asked a local farmer friend and the answer he gave was a nutria.  A river rat, a coypu, a nutria.  He’d never seen one before in all his years in the field, and after a quick google it was clear that was a good thing.  Apparently according to some posts they were brought to Japan to make gloves for soldiers in WW2…   Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting creature, still hangs out in Osaka along the Yodogawa, very invasive, and boy it could move fast when it saw me, for more, check out the following link: