Kids and paper doors.

One of the phenomena of having kids in Japan is that all your beautiful shoji doors (paper doors) get destroyed.  From the moment that wonderful bundle of larvae learns to roll, those shoji doors, an icon of Japanese architecture are under threat; they don’t stand a chance.  With that said however, shoji, just as the buildings housing them were never designed with longevity in mind and many households will replace the paper frequently, often around the new-year when households are scrubbed and polished casting away the old and welcoming in the new.

Despite all the years of living in Japan this was the first time I’ve replaced shoji and I had a little assistant helping me, in part at least.  The process is easy enough, use a sponge to wet the doors, peel off the old paper, then cut and glue on the new paper.  The replacement shoji we got is a new strengthened type, actually more of a plastic than a paper, rip proof and we got a nice maple leaf design for this one too.  Now another 7 sets of doors to get to work through…


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