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Metasequoia, Dawn Redwood

December 18, 2015

Just as the snow begins and we dig in for winter we can say sayonara to the glorious days of autumn. See you next year!


This autumns Heartland Tour at Himeji Castle!

December 10, 2015

This autumns Heartland Tour at Himeji Castle!


The Heartland Tour at Himeji Castle

Nijo Castle in autumn, autumn leaves at Nijojo

December 7, 2015

I caught up with one of our private tours at Nijojo, Nijo Castle in Kyoto last week and the leaves were looking fantastic, it was a beautiful day!

Biwako Oudan Netsukikyu Taikai – The hot air balloon race across Lake Biwako

December 3, 2015

The hot air balloon race across Lake Biwako in Shiga took place at the weekend! It was a little bit of an early start but as we stayed at a ryokan on the beach front of it, it couldn’t have been easier and everyone would agree it was most definitely worth it! In a world where we’ve gotten used to being herded around behind barriers in the name of safety to watch almost anything, it was a refreshing change to have complete freedom to roam, great to get in about the action and atmosphere of the event.