The Takayama Autumn Festival Tour – Small Group Tour of Japan – Day 6

As anticipated, it started to get difficult to continue updating the Takayama Tour diary while travelling around on the tour. As I write this, the tour has now finished, I’ve finally caught up with my workload and will now continue from where I left off!

Day 6 – We said our farewells to Takayama and made our way to the World Heritage village of Shirakawa-go where we stayed in one of the old thatched farmhouses dating back around 200 years before. As you’d expect the accommodation is simple and we sleep in futon on tatami mats (in separate rooms!).

We explored the village stopping off at one of my favourite people watching / sake drinking spots in the village to put humanity in its place whilst watching those visiting on tour buses trundle back to their coaches and head off leaving the village to ourselves to enjoy. After a delicious home cooked meal, I headed to the local onsen with one of the group members for a good long soak. The perfect way to end a great day.

Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go

Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Home-cooked meal in the farmhouse – chairs and table available for those who want / need!


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


Thatched houses of Shirakawa-go


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